South 13th St.

Frank Wichita bought the converted grocery store in the early 1950's and Wichita Engineering, Inc., a part of South Omaha history for over 50 years, was born.

107th & Q

Our current location since March '04 has allowed us to expand our services to the Omaha area, with more room for parts & equipment inventory and maintaining our service vehicles.

Cracked heat exchanger

A Leak Seek chemical test was the only way we were able to identify this failed heat exchanger. A water test or camera inspection would not have found this crack, which was similar on every cell.


This is a typical installation. Here we are replacing (2) 1989 systems where the heat exchangers cracked on both furnaces.


We cleaned up the condensate drains, gas line, and wiring for a much neater installation and more efficient use of space in this basement storage room.

Dual 92% Furnaces

A view of both new Carrier 58MCB furnaces with new Carrier tin-plated TXV evaporator coils (standard with a 10 year warranty).

Sound Studio

Carrier FV4 Fan coil and Carrier humidifier mounted on a vibration isolation platform at a local sound studio.

More sound studio

This duct system was sized for very slow velocity, lined with acoustic insulation, and sealed for noise elimination at the sound studio. All our duct is custom made in our sheet metal shop.

And more...

Five Carrier Puron heat pumps are the heart of the sound studio's heating & cooling system.

More to come...